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MacIntyre Academies

Our Approach 

 Putting Children and Families First

As our strapline emphasises, our pupils and their families are at the centre of everything that we do.  To achieve this we use Child Centred Approaches (or person centred approaches) and work in Partnership with Families.

We want our pupils to achieve their full potential, and to ensure that they are never left behind. We do this by working in collaboration with a wide range of partners, facilitating support for the child and family.

Before coming to MacIntyre Academies, many of our pupils have experienced difficulty in  mainstream or other special education settings as a result of not having the right support or environment in place. Across our schools, our Compassionate Curriculum that supports pupils to become more resilient, and fosters positive relationships between pupils and staff.

You can read more about our Sponsor MacIntyre's approach here which has informed and shaped our Core Values.