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MacIntyre Academies

Compassionate Schools


We believe that a pupil who is motivated, encouraged and made to feel worthwhile, and given the appropriate specialist support, will thrive.

Our Compassionate Schools Policy is founded on the Trust’s drive to be solution focussed, optimistic and compassionate and the following underlying principles:

  • We will be leaders and role models, showing compassion for each other, young people and their families
  • We believe that a young person who is motivated, encouraged and made to feel worthwhile will thrive
  • Our ambition is to, wherever possible, be a Trust that does not exclude young people and to reduce restrictive practice as far as possible. Where we do exclude it will be a last resort
  • Our Academies will have a positive culture, where reflection is actively pursued and practice is evidence based
  • We are non-judgemental and have unconditional positive regard for young people and their families. We believe that you ‘get more of what you focus on’, so we always build on positives and celebrate positive behaviour and progress
  • We focus on building young people’s wellbeing and quality of life as our primary goal
  • Our approaches are person centred and individualised

Our compassion model

Compassionate Approach

  1. Always empower never disempower
  2. Provide unconditional positive regard
  3. Use person centred strategies
  4. Maintain high expectations
  5. Use evidence based interventions
  6. Plan, implement & monitor well
  7. Provide opportunities for positive participation and relationship building

 Compassionate Curriculum

Strategy 1

Safety, connection & assurance of wellbeing

Strategy 2

Emotional and behavioural self regulation

Strategy 3

Competency of social and personal skills and academic success


You can read the Compassionate Schools Policy on our policy page