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MacIntyre Academies

Compassionate Schools


Underlying principles

  • We are non-judgemental and have unconditional positive regard for young people.
  • We are compassionate towards young people and the staff who support them.
  • Our approaches are child centred and personalised.
  • We use a scientific approach to understanding why the person behaves in the way that they do (function).
  • Support is well planned, implemented and monitored.
  • Our interventions are evidenced based - we collect hard and soft data and use it to inform how we support young people, as well as information from professionals and others.
  • We use strategies that are pro-active and reactive and those that promote resilience for young people.

We believe that a pupil who is motivated, encouraged and made to feel worthwhile, and given the appropriate specialist support, will thrive.

Our compassion model

How we teach - Compassionate Teaching Principles

  1. Always empower never disempower
  2. Provide unconditional positive regard
  3. Maintain high expecations
  4. Check assumptions, observe and question
  5. Be a relationship coach
  6. Provide guided opportunities for helpful participation
  7. Use person centred strategies

What we teach - A Compassionate Curriculum

  • Strategy 1
    Safety, connection and assurance of wellbeing
  • Strategy 2
    Emotional and behavioural self regulation
  • Strategy 3
    Competency of social and personal skills and academic success


You can read the Compassionate Schools Policy on our policy page