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MacIntyre Academies

Our Vision 

Children and young people attending MacIntyre Academies’ schools will have the same opportunities as children attending mainstream education

MacIntyre Academies' mission is to become a leading Special Academy Trust that provides outstanding outcome-focused state education by empowering parents as partners and promoting high aspirations for all, successfully equipping every child for adult life.

Founding Principles

Building on MacIntyre’s mission, heritage, experience and proven expertise, the Trust is founded on the following principles:

  •  All children and young people, regardless of difficulty or disability, have the same right to maximise their personal potential through the free access to great education near to where they live
  • Education can and should be a way of maximising equality of opportunity for all children and young people
  • All pupils, regardless of severity of their difficulty or disability, are encouraged to be ambitious for themselves and to be aspirational about their future hopes and dreams
  • The learning experience for children will be outstanding: stimulating, engaging and highly tailored to individual pupils
  •  Working with pupils and families as partners, all academies will focus on good, child-centred outcomes to create the best foundation on which to build adult life
  • Each school will be inextricably connected to their local area acting as a community hub and building supportive links
  • The trust will encourage innovation and work in partnership with a wide range of experts to develop and implement best practice based on evidence based research in education, health and care, sharing our learning widely
  • Each Academy will be entrepreneurial, maximise resources spent directly on education and deliver value for money
  • Each Academy will recruit, continuously develop and retain a highly skilled leaders and a workforce that delivers the best educational experience and outcomes