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MacIntyre Academies

Our Approach 

 Putting Children and Families First

As the strapline for MacIntyre Academies emphasises, at the centre of everything that we do in MacIntyre Academies is the pupil and their family. We ensure that they are kept at the centre by using Child Centred Approaches (or person centred approaches) and working in Partnership with Families. Our commitment to true collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders ensures that we have the right partnerships in place that enable all our pupils to achieve their full potential; ensuring that they are never left behind and enabling us to develop best practice and effective peer review across our schools.  

Before coming to MacIntyre Academies, many of our pupils have experienced difficulty accessing mainstream or other special education settings which has led to marginalisation - sometimes discrimination - as a result of not having the right support or environment in place. Across our schools, our Compassionate Curriculum is based on a set of principles that support pupils to become more resilient, and foster positive relationships between pupils and staff. We promote non-judgemental, unconditional positive regard for our pupils - placing a high priority on showing compassion towards them personally and also the staff who support them. We believe that a pupil who is motivated, encouraged, made to feel worthwhile, and given the appropriate specialist support, will thrive.

Visual Representation of our Key Stakeholders and Approach

You can read more about our Sponsor MacIntyre's DNA here which has informed our approach and shaped our Core Values.