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MacIntyre Academies

Our Strategic Objectives

  • To grow the Academy Trust in a way that supports capacity building but ensures outcomes within existing academies are not compromised
  • To create a culture of challenge, support and mutual benefit so that  MAT academies are schools that children, families and employees are proud to be identified with and others want to join
  • To build a leadership culture that promotes the sharing of skills and expertise across academies and encourages school leaders to work in partnership and support others in their journey
  • To be transformational, set and expect high standards and provide challenge/ support to improve outcomes for children in all schools joining the Trust
  • To provide exceptional and differentiated interventions that support all schools to raise aspirations of children and staff
  • To provide outstanding governance and leadership that has high expectations and a rigorous process of scrutiny at every level
  • To operate robust management systems and controls that support individual schools and promote efficient data analysis and sharing
  • To use evidence based practice to continuously improve the offer, delivery and outcomes