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MacIntyre Academies

Child Centred Approaches

Placing children and young people at the centre of everything we do. 

MacIntyre Academies is committed to working in a child centred way.  We treat each pupil as an individual and provide a personalised learning experience for them. We extend this way of working to families too - knowing that it is crucial to work in partnership.

We have integrated person centred thinking tools into our way of working across our schools. This way we get to know and understand each pupil and to ensure that they are supported in the way that makes sense for them. 

We listen to our young people and their families. We regularly review how things are going and encourage open communication so that we get things right for them all the way through school life.

Why is it important to us?

Families have told us that using person centred thinking tools helps them to:

  • Feel listened to
  • Have more positive (and less adversarial) interactions with school 
  • Be more in control of their lives
  • Work in partnership to find the best outcome for their child
  • Feel more connected to their local community
  • Express their aspirations for their family's life both now and in the future